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Collectives shall maintain adequate security to protect the welfare of patients and the community.

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GLACA Protocols



1. Collectives may only provide medical cannabis services to verified qualified patients.


2. Collectives must inspect original recommendation for every patient on first visit. Inspection of copy of recommendation or original is required on every subsequent visit. The collective must document the date, time, specific verifying employee, name of contact at office, and the date recommendation was issued.


A. The Alliance may move to adopt accept 3rd party verification services.


B. All members must prove status as California resident. Collectives must inspect on every visit either:


-Valid CA ID or DL


- Government issue Photo ID AND valid interim CA ID or DL (valid for 30 days).


3. Collectives may only provide amounts for the personal medical use of an individual patient or to an individual patient’s registered Primary Caregiver, not to exceed TWO (2) OUNCES of medicine per patient per day. Collectives shall not provide medicine in ANY amount with the knowledge that it will be diverted


Collectives may make exceptions to the limit on distribution using the following process:


Patient shall fill out “Distribution Limit Exemption Form” distributed by the Alliance to include the following info:

Patient Info (Name, Address, Contact Info, Doc Info, Date of Issue)

Patient Condition (must be noted as optional)

Patient Use Amount (including mode of ingestion, number of times a day the patient medicates, how much the patient consumes each time they medicate)

Distance in mileage b/w patient’s address on CA ID/DL and the collective

Distance in miles b/w patient’s DL/ID address and nearest collective

Patient’s mode of transportation and how often the patient is able to visit collective

Open area for patient to state why they feel they need exemption.

4. Collective operators, employees, managers, members, or agents shall not sell, barter, give away, or furnish medicine to people who are not qualified patients or primary caregivers. All collective operators, employees, managers, members, or agents shall be qualified patients or a qualified patient’s designated Primary Caregiver.


Anyone who handles, weighs, or dispenses the cannabis must be a qualified patient.

5. Collectives shall maintain accurate patient records necessary to demonstrate patient eligibility under the law for every collective member/patient including copy of CA ID, Official Alliance-issued Patient Registration Form, and above-mentioned documentation of verification of patient status. All patient records shall be kept in a secure location and regarded as strictly confidential.


6. Collectives shall maintain the highest possible professional standards regarding the operation of their business affairs including payment of all applicable taxes. Collectives shall be able to immediately produce to an Alliance Accreditation Committee member the following documents:


CA Seller’s Permit,

LA Tax Registrations Certificate,

a signed lease or deed,

Commercial insurance policy,

LA County Environmental Health Permit (only if edible inventory is stored in more than 10 sq feet),

LA City Tobacco Reseller’s Permit (if applicable).

-All collectives must have registered with the City of LA by the required date in the Los Angeles City Interim Control Ordinance. Collectives must be able to produce documentation of a registered collective.


Operating Hours shall be limited to 10 AM – 8 PM

7. Collectives shall not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, race, national origin, sexual orientation, physical disability, mental condition, or socio-economic status of any member.


8. Collectives shall maintain adequate security to protect the welfare of patients and the community. All collectives must have onsite at least one security guard at all times.


All security guards must wear some visible and obvious designation as such.

All Security Guards must have a valid CA Dept of Consumer Affairs “Guard Card”

9. Collectives shall conduct their business in a manner that is respectful of their neighbors and the community. The facilities shall be kept clean and in good repair, both inside and out. Collectives shall seek to ensure that there is no adverse impact to surrounding homes and businesses.


Collectives shall regularly patrol at least 1 times per 2 hours the immediate area as well as any officially designated parking areas.

10. Collectives shall educate their members and the community regarding the responsible use of cannabis, the potential risks and benefits of cannabis use, and other issues impacting their well-being. Collectives shall document in writing how they meet the above criteria relating to Public Education.


11. Collectives shall not allow on-site consumption of cannabis.


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