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With GLACA President and Founder Yamileth Bolanos

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Dear Friends and Patients in the Medical Cannabis Community,


I am excited to introduce the Greater Los Angeles Collective Alliance’s new website and member services to the Los Angeles community of cannabis professionals. As the Founder and President of GLACA, it is a great privilege to open up this remarkable institution to a wider audience.


For more than nine years GLACA has been quietly serving collective owners and patients. Our accreditation program helps collectives to operate within local and state law, our network of complaint dispensaries ensure patients have access to clean, high-quality medicine, and our community keeps stakeholders informed about policy changes on the local, state, and national level.


In 2013, through grassroots activism a coalition of stakeholders including GLACA successfully secured safe access in LA with voter-supported Proposition D after an attempted ban on storefront distribution by the LA city council in 2012.


Finally, as legalization initiatives loom on the horizon in California in 2016, GLACA has already taken a leading role in organizing medical cannabis professionals and communicating their desires to national nonprofits and policymakers in Sacramento.


As always, we are on the forefront of patient rights. Please take this moment to inform yourself about AB - 258 the Medical Cannabis Organ Transplant Act and Sign the Petition. As you will see in my first update, this is an issue near and dear to my heart (or my liver!).


As part of GLACA’s new public outreach, I will be writing monthly letters to The Green Boardroom, updating you on the most important developments in the California cannabis community as seen from Los Angeles. This industry voice is largely missing from the media narrative, and at we intend to show that the largest bloc of legally operating cannabis businesses in the state should not, and cannot be ignored as policy is developed in California.


Pura Vida,


Yamileth Bolanos

President and Founder

Greater Los Angeles Collective Alliance



Archive of Green Boardroom updates:


Medical Cannabis: My Hope for Life  - Yamileth Bolanos, President and Founder of GLACA


In the spirit of beginning our activism with our stories of patient advocacy, let me introduce myself more fully. As a dispensary operator and President and Founder of GLACA, I have tirelessly worked to extend the benefits of medical cannabis therapy to other patients like myself. Like many patients, I began using cannabis as a last resort, and strongly believe that therapeutic use saved my life. If we can remove the stigma surrounding this medicinal plant, perhaps people can have greater chance of surviving serious diseases like cancer and organ failure and many more can improve their quality of life.


My medical history is complex to say the least. After a lifelong struggle with difficult menstruation, when I was 24 years old I was diagnosed with cancer of the uterine lining and underwent a complete hysterectomy. At 31, I became insulin dependent and at 38 was diagnosed with end stage liver disease....... read more





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